Paessler: the network monitoring company

Die Paessler AG ist seit Jahren führend in der Entwicklung von leistungsfähiger, bezahlbarer und benutzerfreundlicher Netzwerk-Monitoring-Software.

Paessler Produkte sorgen für Ruhe und Sicherheit in IT-Abteilungen von Unternehmen aller Größen - von SOHOs über KMUs bis hin zu global tätigen Konzernen – umfassend, unkompliziert und zuverlässig.

Vom Firmensitz in Nürnberg aus betreut Paessler über 150.000 Installationen seiner Produkte, die weltweit im Einsatz sind.

Das 1997 gegründete Unternehmen ist bis heute privat geführt und sowohl Mitglied des Cisco Developer Networks als auch ein VMware Technology Alliance Partner.

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  • Useful command line parameters for PRTG setup
    Our goal at Paessler is to provide you with a straightforward installation process. All you need is to download and run the latest PRTG installer (309 MB) from our website, add your email address and license information and enjoy your coffee while PRTG gets to work. PRTG will run an initial auto-discovery as soon as […]
  • PRTG 21.1.65 contains beta sensors for HPE, Azure, Veeam and OPC UA
    The first stable release of 2021 for PRTG Network Monitor is here! By the way: PRTG release 21.1.65 is the 8th version in a row that our developers have programmed completely while working from home.
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    The larger networks become, the more important it is to have an overview. IT decision-makers and IT administrators are faced with the question: "What is the right solution for my infrastructure?" This question cannot be answered in one sentence, because many factors play an important role. First, it should be considered which information a monitoring […]
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    Industroyer, NotPetya, EKANS, Triton, LockerGoga. If those five words just sent a chill down your spine, chances are you work in the industrial control sector. For decades the OT world relied on “security through obscurity” to guarantee its safety – it’s difficult to attack a network that you can’t connect to. Unfortunately, for most companies, […]